Kebe Roma Recliner And Stool Set


You will never want to sit anywhere else once you sit in the Kebe Roma Recliner And Stool Set. The Roma has a swivel base, a wide inclined seat and reclines according to preference. Designed by Kebe, this chair not only looks great but above all provides comfort that lasts. Even many years of everyday use will not cause this chair to sag or wear out.

This product is sold from stock in our store. Other swatches and variations are available to order. Please contact us or order a brochure below:

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Kebe Roma Recliner And Stool Set

The Roma is designed to weather life’s storms along with you with its unique durability assured by Kebe’s dynamic foam. Made for life and easy to customize with your choice of colours, fabrics and with a variety of bases. This chair can come with a matching footstool or without and includes the Kebe 10-year warranty on the dynamic foam, the inner frame and springs.

Shown in Lido/Olive with Chrome Sub base
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W: 71.5 cm / D: 81.5 cm / H: 102.0 cm

Depth 81.5 cm
Height 102 cm
Width 71.5 cm
Seating Height 45.5 cm
Seating Depth 54 cm

About Kebe dynamic foam

To make our products super durable and uniquely comfortable,  Kebe use a material called cold-cure foam. This material is the reason their chairs retain their shape and flexibility year after year. The foam contains really small air pockets, like tiny bubbles within its denser structure, which allows for just the right amount of firmness. After the foam is shaped, they work on the covering which is hand-sewn for a perfect fit. Resulting in chairs that look elegant from all angles and will not sag.

That is what provides lasting comfort for you, from the first day you get your chair and for many years to come.



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